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Jan 13, 2018

Why do you Dealers user registration ?


The business user and your business information can be found by Google or Yahoo. At the moment, you can make your business company's products popular with thousands of customers. You can advertise free of charge for sale of your own business and commercial firm's products at wholesale rates. Through the free bid or auction, you can buy any kind of product.Search engine optimization will play a helpful role in this,'s e-commerce marketplace guarantees your success. Business users are free marketing tools for your product, website or facebook page marketing and logo branding. In this case, the customer will be able to comment.

Jan 13, 2018

Buy and sell Marketplace in The World ! is the popular online marketplace of Bangladesh, where almost everything can be bought through free advertising. This website is providing 24 hours a great platform for buyers and sellers to buy new and old products.

Advertising at is totally free and takes less than two minutes. Just need your registration or signup - just select the category of advertising, a brief but clear description, add a photo - diameter is your job! has a huge rich and popular item collection. Throughout Bangladesh, so you can easily find your favorite item. So if you need a car, mobile phone or home, or looking for your favorite pet, then you can find your best deals at

There is no specific category at, but here you can sell more than 150 and different types of goods and services. Remember, each ad is reviewed by us and in it the quality of advertising is assured according to our standard.

You can choose from the product you want to buy from and you can buy it. What are the products to sell? So today you can sign up for free with interesting pictures, post your nice ad, and get your desired customer.

Everything at is available at low prices, great value, easily and safely! So like and share it with everyone. Sell ​​your products advertently here with free.

Jan 13, 2018

There is a very interesting news here ...

Assalamu Alaikum Warah Mutullah

A lot of interesting news came to you That has never happened before, it will be now. Make money online through ad posting and ads posting. Register or sign up to see the ads at This is the easiest way to sell your products online! Simply comment if you want to buy a good product at low price. Otherwise, someone else may order to comment before you. To make a comment, you must register or signup.


You can also make Unlimited Income from and In that case, you must trade the trader whose price is to buy the credit of Tk 2000. If you can sell this package to someone you know and sell, then if you buy or buy credit by registering or signing up, then you will get 600 taka if you are a trader package at a low price. Where you use Part Time, you can get payment depending on the ad post in this package Insha Allah 100% Guarantee.

Jan 13, 2018

About is an e-Commerce Marketplace where you can buy and sell almost everything in more than 100's categories. For professional allow you to create free online store or Dealers page, So you can established your brand online to sell your products and services more efficiently. If you have any questions regarding any products or services you purchase from website please contact with store and business owner.

If you'd like to get in touch with us, go to CONTACT



What we believe

1. Focus on the user and all else will follow. From the begining we are working hard to provide free e-Commerce Marketplace solutions to all user in Bangladesh. So everybody can start business online without hire any technical people. As a result all online user of Bangladesh can get right products and information in just a few click.

2. Fast is better than slow. Internet experience should be enjoyable. We try to make our application easy to use and faster to load.

3. You can make money without doing evil. is a business but technology should be free. So we provide complete e-Commerce solutions to all Bangladeshi user completely free. The revenue we generate is derived from offering advertising to companies and from the value added services.

4. Great just isn’t good enough. We are at the very beginning and trying to be great with our products and services and we know its not good enough. So we continuously working hard to create technology to provide state of art solutions.

5. There is still lots to do. We know our technology might not be suitable for all business level requirements. So our research team always focus on market need to provide enterprise level solutions to all Bangladeshi user.

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