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How to buy vouchers from


Vouchers are the easiest way to promote your ads. Follow the instructions below to buy and save on vouchers!


  • Save money: Save up to 30% with one of our big-balance vouchers.
  • Save time: No need to enter credit card details or transfer mobile money for every promotion. Simply enter your Voucher code to promote an ad.
  • One for all: Your voucher can be used for any promotion, as long as you have enough balance remaining!
  • To purchase a voucher: please click the "Promote this ad" button on your ad and follow the instruction on "How to buy voucher".

    Need more information on vouchers? Please contact us at


How much can I SAVE?


Voucher balance (Tk.) Price (Tk.) Save
200 160 20%
600 450 25%
1200 840 30%

How do I pay for a voucher?


Please follow the instructions to pay with bKash.

Note: Make sure you enter the correct amount for the desired vouchers. The upper limit per bKash transaction to our merchant account is Tk.25,000. To buy a voucher with larger balance, please contact us.


1. Dial *247# and choose "Payment" option by pressing '3'  

2. Enter Merchant bKash Account no: 01842 333 043

3. Enter Amount

4. Enter Reference: Komdaame

5. Enter Counter no.: 1

6. Enter your PIN to confirm the transaction

7. You will receive an SMS with your voucher code from bKash with a transaction ID (TrxID).

8. Once you have completed the payment, you will receive an SMS from with your Voucher code.


How do vouchers work?


Your voucher can be used to buy any Top Ad or Bump Up as long as the balance remaining covers the price of the promotion. If your balance is too low to buy a Top Ad or Bump Up, please contact us to transfer the remaining balance and top it up, or use another voucher that has enough balance remaining. Please note that vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.


* Need more information? Please contact us at or call our helpline at +88-01716182907. Our helpline is open on.



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