Tips on Posting an Ad

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Tips to posting an ad

At, we want to help you get the best possible returns for your product; therefore, we have brought you this straightforward guide, which will ensure that your advertisement stands out from the rest, and is ultimately a success.


This guide is a simple step by step guide to posting a successful ad:


  1. Go to our website at
  2. Click on the Post an ad link above to post without registering
  3. Either register (recommended) 
  4. Select your category. It is essential that you select the correct category, having your item in the wrong category means it will not reach its intended audience, and will therefore have less chance of selling.
  5. Enter your title. Make sure it is catchy and not too long; ensure that it states what your item is without going into too much detail.
  6. Enter your description. Ensure that you expand on your title; explain what your product is offering and why people should choose your product over others
  7. Enter your personal information. Ensure that it is all correct; otherwise your advertisement will not have the desired effect.
  8. Upload pictures of your product by taking pictures of your product as you like, image maximum dimensions Width: 4160 pixel and height 4160 pixels and size 3072 kilobytes (3MB) Here your product can be a picture, or try to see your description of potential customers and a Can be a picture for the product.
  9. The most important page is the extra options page as seen here: On this page, you can leave everything as it is, and post the free advertisement, or you can change elements of your advertisement to make sure it stands out from others. You can select a top ad, which will appear high up, or first on your selected page at all times, for Tk.20. You can also select a highlighted advertisement which will stand out from other advertisements for just Tk.20. If you would like higher priority advertisement you can select the big discount Tk.10 or urgent sale Tk.20. You can also include a video in your classified advertisement for the low price of Tk.20.
  10. Your last page is the advertisement review. It is essential that you check to ensure all of your details are correct, as this will be the last place you can edit them. On this page you can then click to submit your advertisement.
  11. On the next page you can view your advertisement.


This is how to post your advertisement with, however, make sure you follow the detailed steps below to ensure that your advertisement stands out from the rest:


Writing an effective title

You should make sure your title has both an action and a statement, for example, if you are selling your car you could use, FOR SALE – Car selling undervalue due to a move abroad. A poor example would be; Car for Sale, this does not explain anything about your car, and will look exactly like thousands of other advertisements.


Writing an effective description

This is the place where you want to complete the sale. It is more than likely you will have further conversations between you and the buyer, but if the description does not appeal to your potential buyer then this will be the end of the line.


The rule of thumb is to NEVER over word your description with unnecessary adjectives and tedious descriptions, keep it short and to the point. For a car make sure you have all the essential information such as what make car it is, the year of manufacture, number of doors, manual or automatic, petrol or diesel, millage done, colour, tax and mot, additional amenities.


An effective description should look something like this:

Ford KA 1.3L 1998 Hatchback, 3 doors, manual, petrol, 90,000 miles, jet black, full tax for 6 months, radio/CD player, Aircon, Immobilizer and Alarm (factory fitted).


Instead of:

A lovely Ford KA for sale. Personally I have had no problems with this car, and its smooth 1.3 litre engine gets me from A to B effectively…

You can see from the above that by the time you have described just two points you could have described everything your potential customers need to know.


What else do I need to do?

Wherever possible always include as many photos as possible, this is because people like to see what they are thinking about buying before buying the item.

Make sure your spelling and punctuation is correct at all times. Anything else looks unprofessional and may deter potential buyers.

Always make sure you include the full price of your item, never leave out any costs.

Never condemn any other company/individual in your advertisement; it makes you look like you are trying for a hard sale, which rarely works well.

When selling your product you always need to ensure you give your product the best chance of selling as possible, by following the above steps you will be able to do so, without taking up too much of your time.


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